Pirate Week!

Orlaith is becoming increasingly difficult to occupy! She’s an April baby, which means that where her busy little mind tells her ‘it’s time we went to Nursery’, she cannot in fact start until September!!! To try to help her to get used to how nursery will be structured, I decided to create a theme for the week last week…


Firstly, we gathered some materials to make some pirate related objects – cue mother scurrying around in cupboards with scissors whilst holding 1 year old ‘child 2’ at arm’s length!!!


My yummy ginger tea box came in handy and I must say, that although we love crafting, with a 1 and a 2 year old, gold old PVA glue and spreaders can be too much hassle at times – notice instead, to help Orlaith’s development, I allowed Prit Stick to be used for some sequins, but in case things just got too out of hand, I managed to track down some ‘jewel stickers’…they’re rather like those 1990s stick on earrings we all had? yes…we ALL had them…we can all speak openly here 😉

So there she was, concetrating with everything she had and of course, I used the opportunity to put Emelie down for a nap, make a cuppa and snap some pictures!!!treasure map 1

 The treasure map did need some motherly intervention and admittedly this was where things went slightly wrong…it wasn’t too bad; all that were involed were flames, the kitchen sink and a few open windows! Oops!


Then, came the ridiculous stickers and huge amount of sequins!!! As I said, I gave her a stick of glue to avoid the mess, but found that this also did wonders for her co-ordination so technically, I can pass it off as a developmental tool right?!?!

As a side note, how cute is it when kids do that ‘open-mouthed’ look when they concentate? I love when my images capture all those little things I love about being a mother!

All in all, I have to say we really enjoyed ourselves; so much so that we went on to make a telescope out of loo roll tubes and tin foil! Pirate week can now live on forever in our ‘Dressing up and Role Play Box’!!!  Does anyone else do themed weeks?