Christmas Crafting: Handprint Wreaths

Yesterday, we got even more festive making these lovely decorations for the family! I saw the idea on twitter yesterday and decided to give it a go with Orlaith first! Here’s my step by step guide 🙂

1. To start off, use green painted hands to make handprints on white paper – it works best if little fingers are spread right out!

2. Draw around a dinner plate onto green card, or any colour if you plan to use lots of hand prints! Then draw a circle inside it with a tea plate and cut out.

3. Stick the hand prints onto the ring you’ve made in the same direction, either overlapping with fingers all facing the same way or outward like ours. Decorate how you wish.

4. Place 2 holes in the top and thread through string.


Ours could’ve done with a few more, but I was also supervising my 1 year old!! I know, I’m brave! Haha!

This one went to Daddybear’s office, but Emelie will be helping make the family’s by offering the 2nd layer of prints tomorrow!!!