Christmas Crafting: Handprint Wreaths

Yesterday, we got even more festive making these lovely decorations for the family! I saw the idea on twitter yesterday and decided to give it a go with Orlaith first! Here’s my step by step guide 🙂

1. To start off, use green painted hands to make handprints on white paper – it works best if little fingers are spread right out!

2. Draw around a dinner plate onto green card, or any colour if you plan to use lots of hand prints! Then draw a circle inside it with a tea plate and cut out.

3. Stick the hand prints onto the ring you’ve made in the same direction, either overlapping with fingers all facing the same way or outward like ours. Decorate how you wish.

4. Place 2 holes in the top and thread through string.


Ours could’ve done with a few more, but I was also supervising my 1 year old!! I know, I’m brave! Haha!

This one went to Daddybear’s office, but Emelie will be helping make the family’s by offering the 2nd layer of prints tomorrow!!!


Emelie’s ‘Home-Made’ Baptism…By Me!

Firstly,my apologies for being quiet in Daddybear’s first week off for summer…it’s amazing that in front of us are 6 weeks of family time, it’s the longest amount of time he has spent with Emelie since she was born!

His break from work has given me time to myself which, inevitably, I have spent organising Emelie’s Baptism, which is fast-approaching. I have even decided to spend more time making things myself, to make the day as much about her as I possibly can…this began with having a trial run at her cake, which I plan to make myself. It didn’t turn out too badly! I decided to trial a Madeira cake, with buttercream filling and royal icing…but for the day I plan to make a country fruit cake! Here’s how the trial went:

…not bad for a first attempt?

Then, I decided that with the theme of vintage and Chic had to come something other than the same old celebratory balloons…they were going to cost £65 and would simply be burst by children, taken down and discarded! Instead, I came up with a way of having pretty decorations that Emelie could then keep, perhaps in her room. I decided to visit some local charity shops to look for vintage tea seat to decorate and instead, fell upon some beautiful birdcages and candle holders! In total, these cost £25! I’ve decorated them with artificial flowers, including buttonholes, which cost £10! We also thought it was important to support a charity, as we had supported Coic Sargent at Orlaith’s by buying pins for favours. This time, we bought our vintage goodies from AgeUK


We are hoping for a beautiful day where the sun can shine upon our gorgeous Angel, blessing her for a healthy, happy life ahead of her. She will be surrounded by those closest to her who love her the most…after all that she’s been through! What could be better?

Making Use of Old Things

It’s amazing how weather can determine what kind of day we have. Today was another temperamental day and so we faced yet another day indoors.

Once Emelie had fallen asleep after her breakfast, myself and Orlaith ventured upstairs in search of something to do…something that would bring the house to life! Inevitably, I ended up tidying out drawers while Orlaith read books sprawled across her bed!

kids get through a ridiculous amount of socks!

I ended up with four pairs of tights and around 6 odd socks, which I admit, were journeying towards the bin when the idea hit me…The Craft Box!!!
Having had such a success only a few days ago, I decided to give it a go. Today’s mission was to make sock puppets!

And here they are…


A little basic for the first attempt, but they still provided a great show this afternoon!

I’m only glad I finally found use for all those googly eyes!

Letting Go: Messy Play Day


Today, I’ve been reminded of how good it is to relax!

We all have those days where we stress about housework, or want to keep the appearance of the fully capable and in control mother…even though we all know, that there are always sacrifices as a result; usually the sacrifices are my children.

I have days where I literally follow Orlaith around, picking up toys and tidying them in an attempt to keep my house looking show home-likewhy? Why on earth do I do it? Who am I trying to convince/kid/impress? Often, my husband…as I feel guilty if he arrives home, being the only one of us now who works, to an untidy house, with dinner boiling over and two kids crying. The reality is though, that none of these things will all happen together *crosses fingers!*

The girls cry if they are bored or tired, dinner would boil over if I were too busy tidying, the house would be a mess if I were focussing on dinner…and so it continues.

Today, I let loose! I did the unthinkable. I went upstairs and brought out the big guns…

The arts and crafts box!

Orlaith has been being arty now for almost 2 hours. She’s thoroughly enjoying herself exploring pipecleaners, stickers, glue, paint, crayons and you know the rest of it! My dining room table is a jungle of tissue paper and equipment which I’m sure was designed with the entire purpose of making a destructive mess…and we are all so incredibly happy!

Emelie enjoyed exploring tissue paper (she’s 7 months old) and is now sound asleep after almost two hours of stimulation and excitement…Orlaith is the quietest I’ve known her to be, engrossed in her pincer-like control of sequins, beads and stickers.

So why don’t we allow ourselves to let go more often?
What is it that we fear as parents/carers?