Reflux Recipes

This page features a selection of recipes that have worked for Emelie, who has experienced acid reflux, as well as the other unpleasant symptoms associated with allergy and intolerance.

My recipes come in ‘enough for a big batch’ quantities, so I will let you know how many portions I got from the ingredients I used, as well as the meal varieties I created from them…

This Week’s Big Batch!

2 sweet potatoes
1 large yellow pepper
1 small broccoli
1 medium butternut squash
500g Sainsbury’s Italian Passata
50g cannelini beans
50g chickpeas

This week, I decided to make some sauces to freeze for pasta, rather than making pasta pots up and freezing them. I also wanted to get away from the boiling and blending habits of previous weeks, so decided to involve a yellow pepper. It isn’t on the list (a collection of possible foods which could aggravate Emelie’s reflux) so I decided to give it a whirl! Since the breakthrough last week too, I was pretty sure she would be ok!

I chopped and diced the peppers and placed them on a tray in the oven to cook for around 20 minutes until softened. The squash and sweet potato were chopped and boiled, although not within an inch of their lives as usual haha. I also decided not to use as much water when blending, to try to get Emelie used to chewing and feeling new textures. So here are this week’s batches:

3 x sweet potato, squash and broccoli
2 x sweet potato and squash
2 x sweet potato, chickpeas, beans and tomato
2 x squash and yellow pepper sauce
1 x squash, yellow pepper and tomato sauce
2 x sweet potato and yellow pepper
4-5 tomato sauce portions for pasta

Total meals for Emelie: 16
Spare ingredients: all used this week for pasta sauce 🙂

Last Week’s Big Batch!

2 sweet potatoes
100g chickpeas
100g cannelini beans
2 500g Sainsbury’s Italian Passata
1 medium butternut squash
Some pasta shells curtesy of Annabel Karmel

So, yesterday involved three pans and a slow cooker, so my kitchen was more industrial than usual! Having soaked the beans and peas over night, I poured them I to a large saucepan and boiled for around 1 hour 30 mins until soft. I then placed around 3/4 into the slow cooker with 2 slices of the squash, cubed and 1 of the 500g cartons of passata. I let this cook on high for most of the afternoon until very soft.
The rest of the veg was simple peeled, chopped and boiled; the pasta cooked for 9 minutes and I was ready to mix!
This week, these are the combinations I made with the ingredients I used:

2x pasta in tomato and squash sauce
4x sweet potato and squash
1x pasta in tomato sauce
3x sweet potato, squash, chickpeas and beans
1x tomato mixer pot
3x tomato, squash, chickpeas and beans

I even used the tomato with beans and peas to make a quick sausage casserole for the rest of us for dinner (which was very yummy and quick!)

Total meals for Emelie: 13 portions
Total meals for family: 3 portions
Spare ingredients: 1 portion of tomato mixer.

Week Beginning 17/06/2013

4 sweet potatoes
1 medium butternut squash
500g Sainsbury’s Italian Passata
Some pasta shells courtesy of Annabel Karmel


This was a fairly easy afternoon of chopping, boiling and blending, as one of my ingredients came direct from the carton (made me felt like a cheat, but I was glad of the respite!) I peeled and chopped sweet potatoes and the squash, boiling for around 15 minutes until soft, the pasta boiled for 9 minutes, as recommended. Using two bowls, I blended the sweet potato and the squash separately and opened the passata.

Having my Tupperware at the ready, I used 10 heaped table spoons of the thick purée per 2-portion container. These were the combinations:

2 pots (4 portions) of sweet potato and squash (4-5 spoons of each, mixed)
1 pot (2 portions) of sweet potato incase of a food reaction (this always calms her reactions back down)
2 pots (4 portions) of sweet potato, squash and tomato
1pot (2 portions) of pasta, tomato and squash
1 portion of tomato sauce for pasta
1 ‘tomato mixer’ half pot, to mix with another ingredient later in the week.

Total complete meals: 12
Total spare ingredients: 2 portions


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