Bump Buddies – Meeting The Osbornes

Back in 2012, when I found out I was pregnant with Emelie, I thought back to how much support and advice I’d had from the online community the first time around and started to look for a group where I could speak to other ladies who were due around the same time – it was in ‘Due in December’ on Facebook that I met Lesley!

Lesley is admin for ‘Bump Buddies’ which was renamed this when our due dates began to differ from the standard December and the more we chatted, the more we realised we had in common! Lesley has always been a huge supporter of the blog and when she saw I’d started my fundraising campaign, offered to come to take part in our Welly Walk.

ryan and emelie

Not only did I get to know Lesley, but our children played so wonderfully together which was lovely!!! Ryan was very keen on little Emelie, although as can be seen by the photograph, she was much more interested in the post-toddle snacks on offer! *much to the relief of her over-protective, anti-boyfriend father!!!*

Bump Buddy Group Pic

 Orlaith, who is now amost 3, had a great time with Lesley’s older children, Sam and Jodie; she now calls them her best friends and we’ve also started writing letters so the kids can keep in touch regularly and form friendships…

This photograph was taken right at the end of the day, but despite the smile, I have to say I was really sad to see my friend travel home to Sheffield!!!

I’ll be blogging about the Welly Walk soon, so look out for how much we raised, as well as copies of the media coverage in the Fundraising section of the blog!!!


Thank you Lesley, Jamie, Jodie, Sam and Ryan for travelling so far to get involved in the Welly Walk and for your continuing support; maybe one day that dream of living closer will come true!!! We can only keep buying those lottery tickets! xXx


We’re Back!!!

So…weve been away but now we’re back!!! Most of the reasons I left the blog behind have bow been resolved one way or another and so I wanted to share with you some of the things we’ve been up to!

I’ve been working hard fundraising and will publish a post on last weekend’s toddle soon, where we raised over £1300 for The North of England Children’s Cancer Research Fund, smashing our fundraising target!!!

Emelie walked. Daddybear and I had a few nights out over Christmas. Orlaith became much more independent. We got a cat (aptly named Kitty!)…we realy have got a lot to catch up on once Ive edited the blog slightly to reflect our new direction 🙂

I look forward to catching up with you all!!!

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Christmas Crafting: Handprint Wreaths

Yesterday, we got even more festive making these lovely decorations for the family! I saw the idea on twitter yesterday and decided to give it a go with Orlaith first! Here’s my step by step guide 🙂

1. To start off, use green painted hands to make handprints on white paper – it works best if little fingers are spread right out!

2. Draw around a dinner plate onto green card, or any colour if you plan to use lots of hand prints! Then draw a circle inside it with a tea plate and cut out.

3. Stick the hand prints onto the ring you’ve made in the same direction, either overlapping with fingers all facing the same way or outward like ours. Decorate how you wish.

4. Place 2 holes in the top and thread through string.


Ours could’ve done with a few more, but I was also supervising my 1 year old!! I know, I’m brave! Haha!

This one went to Daddybear’s office, but Emelie will be helping make the family’s by offering the 2nd layer of prints tomorrow!!!

When your toddler becomes a child…

I had to post this – today we’ve hit a milestone with my oldest daughter, Orlaith. It’s hit me like a pan in the face (I assume, as I’ve thankfully never been hit in the face with a pan!)

she’s growing up.

There. I said it.

We live on a new estate and in August, Sainsbury’s opened our local store in the new development opposite us. It involves crossing a busy road, where there is thankfully now a crossing with the green man, which has helped us enormously with teaching road safety to Orlaith.

So off we went this morning, to stretch my legs to get rid of a back ache I’ve had for a few days and she walked without holding hands, listening to everything I said, stopping when I said so and crossing using the green man!

When we got there, she chose her own magazine, her own chocolate lolly and walked independently towards the tills. She then joined the queue, turning to me to say “I’m waiting my turn, mammy!“. She held her things until it was her turn then placed them up on the counter, holding her pennies tightly. The only hitch in her grown up approach was when the man asked her name and she replied, ‘Orlaith Goose’ rather than ‘Orlaith Grace’!!!

She put her magazine and lolly in the basket of Emelie’s stroller and thanked the man, saying bye to other customers too…his response?

What a little diamond!

I couldn’t be more proud of my big girl!!!


Friendships: Finding out about People…

Okay, so the title of this post either sounds like someone is having an amazing time or like I’m having a big go at someone who has upset me; it’s neither of these two at all – not anymore.

I want to talk today about friendships because it’s something I reflect a lot on for myself and also for the girls too. Some of my friends changed my life in many, many ways, teaching me valuable lessons about life, love and people. It makes me excited to watch my daughters form friendships with people they meet at nursery or school or even in our street.

We moved here 18 months ago, the street consisted of around 6 houses and we had 1 set of neighbours. Most of the houses were finished this year and so we’ve started receiving Christmas cards from families in the street; what a great way to help build a community where our kids can build friendships! Some of the kids who already attend school are already friends, but we families with ‘little ones’ are really making the effort to reach out and form bonds. Now we know their names for example, I can invite kids to birthday parties etc which can only help myself and Daddybear make more like-minded friends too!

This was the problem I encountered when my oldest daughter Orlaith was born – I was the 1st to have a baby! I was the 1st to spend 9 months sober and avoiding pubs…I put myself and my family first and things fell apart; they were never the same. By the time I had Emelie, everyone was having babies and so the interest had worn. 2 ‘friends’ even sent messages a week after she was born asking if she was here yet…many missed her name from Christmas cards and few came to visit…needless to say, those friendships fizzled.

Even in groups of like-minded people, friendships can be cruel. I was reunited on twitter with a wonderful lady I met in a Bounty group but I’d left the group as things soon became competitive, bitchy and bitter – what’s with that? We were all mothers, all doing the best we could! Having spoken with her, I was so relieved to find that it wasn’t me!! have you ever felt that? Like it must be you?

I spent a long time wondering what I’d done, evaluating myself, reflecting on things I’d said and what I’d done and still I couldn’t put my finger on why I found myself on the outside of circles of people keeping in touch, meeting up, having fun…

I know my girls will inevitably feel the same at some point – whether it’s the group of girls at school who want to exclude them, or the group of mums who judge their decisions when they become mothers themselves and this really does upset me.
But when friendships are built of strong stuff, aren’t they brilliant? I have some amazing friends. I have some far away, some close by, some long lasting friendships and some fairly short…I’ve had some rough episodes, but have found that the greatest friendships are built from truth, honesty and respect.

All I can hope for my girls is that one day, no matter what they have to do to get there, they build close friendships with people who will understand, love and support them unconditionally.

…at least they’ve got each other too! 🙂


Building the Christmas Spirit: A Trip to Fenwick’s, Newcastle

Yesterday, after exchanging Christmas cards with some family members, we decided it was a great opportunity to go out and do something festive!

As a child, my mother would exhaust herself trailing around shops in Sunderland, eventually coming to terms with the fact that she would have to venture further afield to get what she wanted and so off we would go to Newcastle! Part of the fun of going shopping there was the trip to Fenwick’s Window. Up north, Fenwick’s window is very well known and each year the theme is changed.


A huge crowd of onlookers were gathered as we approached the bottom of Northumberland street and we soon saw that there was a queue just to walk past the window! It was worth the wait! The theme this year was ‘Fairy Tales of the Forest’ and featured characters such as Hansel and Gretal and the Sugarplum Fairy – the style seemed to have Tim Burton in mind too!


Accompanied by lighting, moving figures and music, the window coat around £200,000 to create and it’s been attracting crowds for over 40 years!! The unveiling of the window attracts press coverage year on year as it often symbolises the beginning of the run up to Christmas for many locals – you can read the report here.


Orlaith was big enough to walk along the window herself and was fascinated! Emelie was in her pushchair but shouted ‘wow!’ At everything she looked at!!! Their eyes seemed lit up the whole time!





After seeing their faces yesterday, I know that this will be one of our Christmas traditions year on year and hope to make a day of it the next time, going for lunch and spending some wonderful time as a family in the run up to Christmas!

5 Days of Emelie: Day 4

I’m not going to pack this out with a big story…but rather a collection of interesting photographs that sum up the relationship I have with my youngest daughter, Emelie.

My oldest, Orlaith (2) has been busy this week working out how to use the camera on my iPod and documented our relationship yesterday without me even realising. She’s taken the next 2 shots and I only discovered them when she’d gone up to bed…



The next shots are simply Emelie. As you may have seen from my other posts, despite the turbulent start, she’s a happy little thing and is usually always grinning!!! Here are some of my favourite shots of her…


Enjoy your big day tomorrow Emelie, you’re 1 and we made it!!! No more intolerances, no more tummy pains and you’re a little girl full of giggles! I love you endlessly and I’m going to make your day as special as it can be,

With all my love, always

P.s you’ll always be my little Emmie Emmie xxx

5 Days of Emelie: Day 3

So it’s day 3, only 2 days until Emelie’s 1st birthday…today’s photos are based around our journey as a family of 4.


Unbelievably, I did still have some Christmas shopping to do and so we took our first trip out as a 4 to the MetroCentre in Gateshead. Of course, it was also the first time to demonstrate the most impressive contraption I ever purchased, my Bugaboo Donkey. This duo became our life for the few months to follow and everywhere I went, it was admired! I also took the opportunity to shop for a changing bag for both girls while we were out that day; I ended up with a weekend bag!

I also watched my girls bond – this was a feeling I could never imagine feeling. It started from the minute Daddybear brought Orlaith in from nursery the day Emelie had been born:


They have become so unbelievably close and their bond continues to develop day by day – it’s one of the reasons I’m so glad I didn’t go back to work as they would’ve been separated for most of the week. My love for Emelie grows as she becomes a great little sister to Orls and my love for Orls grows as she develops more of a relationship with Emelie – it’s an amazing feeling.