It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day…

and it’s a new blog name too!

Finally, I get around to making everything make more sense! The blog now matches my twitter account, making it much easier for me to be found (again!)  *not sure if that’s a good thing or not?!*

I’ve missed blogging and have lots to catch up on…I found it difficult to devote the attention to my blog as I wasn’t managing it to the best of my ability – now, I have a plan in place and have dedicated time slots to scheduling posts!!!

I’ll be preparing a few ‘catch up’ posts in the comng days to bring you all up to speed on the wonderful tales of Orlaith and Emelie. Emelie is still doing great in terms of her diet and has had no further reactions (other than the dreaded measles jab, which I’m planning to cover!) Orlaith is now full on with phonics and is really enjoying the rewards of learning to read *which do include biscuits, I will admit!*

My charity work is going extremely well and I still have a few events to go before the end of my campaign in September – we’ve already reached our £1992 target so I’m now pushing on to raise as much as I can!!!

Looking forward to getting up and running again!



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