A New Tradition: Making Christmas Memories

Last year was the first Christmas that Orlaith could really appreciate – she’d been only 8 months old for her first one. On December 1st 2012, 5 days before giving birth to Emelie, I put up the tree with Orlaith. After a few minutes she totally lost interest and wandered off…

This year, we debated whether to leave the tree until after Emelie’s birthday, but since the tree had been up when I brought her home from hospital, we decided to stick to December 1st; we thought it might act as part of her birthday build up each year too. The thought of assembling and decorating a tree with a 2 and 1 year old was stressful in itself and so we came up with a plan…

We decided that we would put up the tree when the girls had gone to bed, telling them that it was up because Santa had received their lists and was making their toys – he also left them a letter in response to their lists, as well as an advent calendar to help count down to his arrival!


It worked a treat! Orlaith squealed and giggled in excitement, approaching the tree slowly and taking the letter. Daddybear read it out to her and soon she was running to her sister shouting, ‘look Emelie, Santa brought us a letter!’

Now her sparkly tree lights the way back to our house and so she isn’t making many attempts to remove the decorations, as she had in previous years – we’ve made a brand new Christmas tradition that we hope will make magical memories for both of our girls…

what traditions do you have?

Have you made any new ones for your family?


8 thoughts on “A New Tradition: Making Christmas Memories

  1. Fantastic ideas! This is our little boys third Christmas (he was too young to appreciate the past two fully). I love the fact you girls can be engrossed in the magic of Christmas. It is an added bonus that because Santa has been at work they are very respectful 🙂

    • It’s really worked so well – Orls actually thought it was Christmas and the advent calendar was her present!! Can’t wait til Christmas morning haha xx

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