Coverage of our Fundraising

So, as some of you may have seen on twitter last night, yesterday we got coverage of our fundraising for the NECCR in two local newspapers.

The photographers came on Sunday and the girls reacted very differently to the attention! Orlaith hid suspiciously behind my mum, holding her hands firmly over her face whereas Emelie, the baby of the 2, grinned and was accepting of the constant flashing! Orlaith eventually came around, when my dad told her it was so that Santa knew where she lived!

Sunderland Echo – Page 8 you can read the article online here

So there we go! We got the full page on page 8 where many things were mentioned including the toddle I’m
in the process of arranging, which you can read more about here and the book I’m writing, progress of which can be found at TheLiteraryMum.

It’s strange to think, if I’d never made the decision to become a stay at home mum, my life would’ve been simply too hectic to organise all this and I would never have started my book! I owe so much to my husband and indeed to my girls! The support from my parents has also been amazing!

Most of all, I’d like to say a huge thank you to @mortgagefreejourney, @Mammapolitico, @Lemonadebudget and @adadcalledspen for their offers of help and support! Also to my good friends, Lesley and Ruth, who have also offered support – without people like you, this wouldn’t all be possible!

More exciting news to follow this week regarding the toddles! If you’d like to get involved and host a toddle, please contact me at for an events sheet, to see if you’d like to join in! 🙂



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