I Didn’t Breastfeed, but I’m Still Proud.

Again, this post was inspired by a post I read only this morning by the marvellous duo, Pols and ADadCalledSpen over at HeSaidSheSaid and for the first time, after bottle feeding both of my girls, I felt proud!

can I begin by stating that views are my own opinion and that I am a keen supporter of mothers who choose to breast feed as well as those who choose to formula feed – make your own, informed decision that benefits both you and your baby.

Every breast feeding parent I’ve spoken to seems to be proud of their decision to do so; often us bottle/formula feeders are left on the edge…we are the oh deaaarrrr bunch of parents, we are the adequate, but by no means elite bunch who dared to walk into a supermarket and buy a whole box of formula, which we can so easily scoop and shake at ungodly hours of the night, with little or no effort, commitment or personal strength, right? We do it to make our babies sleep through – because we are ignorant and badly informed – lazy and careless? No…none of these are true, but we’ve all heard this or seen it…often not responding.

So, here’s where my pride came along – this blog started back in January, when Emelie was just a month old. I’d struggled to feed her in hospital, no, not breast feeding…formula, and we were almost refused our discharge paperwork as a result. At 4 days old, my little girl began to cluster feed, a similar thing to what I’ve heard many breast feeding mothers discuss, only this time, I knew how much she was drinking and knew hunger wasn’t the cause.

I battled with my GP when he decided she had colic. I battled with 2 more and a paediatrician in A&E when they suggested the same and in August 2013, I was told that Emelie has multiple intolerances that I, through my persistence and research, had cured.

I can now feel proud of how I fed my daughter, recording symptoms, joining support groups and finding inner strength to battle on, just as mothers who have issues with breast feeding often do.

Moral of my post? Be proud of the decision you make, don’t get hung up on the hype of anything and focus on you and your baby.



17 thoughts on “I Didn’t Breastfeed, but I’m Still Proud.

    • 🙂 I just wish the divide didn’t exist, Emma. Even in formula feeding their are sub-categories that create difference – soy milk, comfort milk, hungry baby milk etc. why can’t we ALL just be parents feeding our children? Xx

      • I recently received a tirade of abuse from a pro breast feeding lay who wasn’t willing to consider any way but her own. We all experience a different life and each an every one of us should be supported in our needs and choices. There are people who are not willing to listen or consider others and there are common experiences that we can share and grow from. I see it these days as needing an internal filter. You can’t stop negative people from being the way they are! My focus is to help people and learn how to be a better person myself.

      • I couldn’t have put that better – I was excluded from a discussion online once because I said I didn’t plan to Breastfeed, due to personal issues of my own surrounding body image. I had a central line fitted which came out of my chest when I was diagnosed with leukaemia and touching or becoming aware of the scar makes me really feel sick – I didn’t want feeding my baby to become tainted – not one of them understood that. Really saddened me x

      • Wow, that is a serious and substantial reason to choose not to breast feed. It is your decision and providing your baby is happy and healthy no one else has a right to judge you. I have a lot of respect for you for your choices, no one else has walked in your shoes (except maybe a toddler!) x

      • No problem. We chose to give up breastfeeding against the wishes of a health visitor who insisted we tried all kinds of interventions and medication. They wren’t working and what we did showed an overnight improvement. I have come up against criticism but have also had our little ones pediatrician agree with us on our actions.
        We are still considering having another child once the physical and emotional wounds have healed. When we do we will consider how best to proceed.

  1. Absolutely! I can’t believe this judgemental attitude still goes on these days. A friend of mine has just had a third baby, after a gap of 10 years, she’s battling with the embarrassment of admitting that she is bottle feeding….seriously people, keep your noses out! We all know what’s best for our baby and us, whatever the choice.

    • A lovely comment 🙂 and so true! Nobody as a mother should feel inferior for any decision they make, let alone about how we choose to feed xx

  2. This is a beautifully written post! Thank you for sharing! I am a breast feeding mom however I never will pass judgement on another mom no matter what. You should be very proud that you did what you thought was right for you and your baby. Every mom has her own way of caring for her babies and as far as I am concerned there is no wrong being done as long as baby is happy and growing well!
    Stopping by from “Mad Mid-Week Blog Hop”. Following via Bloglovin.
    Have a great day 🙂
    Bismah @

    • Thank you!!! I wanted to try to capture the emotions of formula feeding mums as often there’s less emotional attachment perceived than those who Breastfeed – I am so grateful for your comment and welcome your support 🙂


  3. We all make the best decisions we can, for the best of our children – no one is in a position to criticise a decision that wasn’t theirs, for such a personal thing. I mixed fed all three of mine, so I was happily on the fence! #MMWBH

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