Baby Weight: The Final Push!

After a huge effort to lose weight, I’m now down to my final stone to lose! yes…that’s just 14lbs!!! eek!

Having not lost my first bundle of baby weight before falling pregnant with my 2nd baby 10 months later, it’s been even more difficult to lose, especially as I now have a 2 year old who hates the buggy and walks at a snail’s pace!

Most of the results have been down to a change in my diet: cutting portion sizes; eating more fibre and vegetables and also giving up those weekend take away treats!!!

As the girls are going to bed very early, giving us more time as a couple in the evenings, we’ve decided to dedicate some time to keeping fit! My husband is a keen runner but hasn’t been out much due to helping me with the girls when he gets in from work…I used to dance 9 hours a week, so I’m craving that time to do something like Insanity or 30 Day Shred…I can’t do this in our living room in front of him – it’s just feel wrong!

So from now until Christmas, we are dedicating 3 evenings a week to exercise! I have 7 weeks to lose 14lbs!!!

Watch this space!!!


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