Milestones to Celebrate!

Well, I’ve been very busy lately and have to admit that I finally feel more in touch with me than I ever have!

Emelie has also been busy, reaching baby milestones at an impressive pace – as I write, she is stepping towards me, side wards, holding onto the sofa! Here she is standing!!!



She’s also managed to cut 4 teeth in quick succession and is saying a few words…yesterday, I also persuaded her to baby dance!!!

I’ve also been teaching Orlaith a trick or two! She has started learning the alphabet and can now also sing!!! Her literacy is developing, as yesterday she was reading her bedtime book word for word…while looking at an entirely different one! Hehe!

I’ve also been busy reading and writing! I’ve used my love of reading to get me back into writing a novel I started some years ago…it never really had the umph to get very far…so I made a new twitter, and a new blog over at The Literary Mum and have started to review some books. I’ll also be providing updates about my novel there!

Please do follow my new twitter account at @theliterarymum but don’t worry, I’m also still living the double life of @Mammybear84 too!!! 😉


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