The ‘C’ Word – Does Christmas Need to Break the Bank?

Last year was Orlaith’s 2nd Christmas! It was the first in our new home and the 1st that she kind of understood.

Her sister, Emelie, was just 19 days old and we had bought *cough…sent to Santa* her presents while she still lay curled snug in the womb! At 8 months pregnant, when Orlaith was in childcare, myself and Daddybear had raided a large unnamed toy shop for the things we assumed our 19 month old should like. I had already taken a delivery of a toy kitchen priced at £150, the accompanying pots, pans, food, apron, shopping trolley, till, boxes and tins!!!

The room on Christmas morning was so littered, Orlaith looked totally overwhelmed. We found ourselves, in true, I did it parental style, photographing our living room which was simply a blanket of wrapped boxes…feeling proud of ourselves!

look how much she has.

look how happy these boxes will make her.

This year is the last Christmas before Orlaith starts nursery. I’m now not working because it was financially better for me to stay home, we now have 2 children to provide a Christmas for

Yesterday, I sat with Orlaith (29 months…so kinda at that 2.5 year old point) and asked her what she wanted Santa to bring her. Here is her list:

A melon
A broccoli
A blue bike
Some books
A pretty dress
Pretty nails (nail varnish!)
A cake
A milkybar

I know, amazing right? Childhood innocence at it’s very best! Clearly, I won’t be wrapping any fruit and veg, but look at the basic things that bring her happiness. This isn’t about buying what every other kid has – about buying the latest gadgets – about listening to big companies when they sell us lights and sounds that ‘help our children’s development’…this is about her and what she would like.

We’ve decided, this year, to embrace her innocence. I’m also keen for her to have a blue bike! Why should she have a pink one with glittery shimmering handlebars and a baby seat on the back? Why does society strip our children of the ability to make their own decisions? Why do kids feel pressure from kids and parents feel pressure from parents? We won’t be giving in this year, and I won’t expect our daughters to either.

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3 thoughts on “The ‘C’ Word – Does Christmas Need to Break the Bank?

  1. Such a lovely post! We too shall be keeping christmas simple (Erin will have just turned one) Its so easy to get over excited as parents but really it should just be a nice family day with a few added extras and a huge dinner =D x

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