How Our Garden Grew!

As our veggie patch came to an end, we reflected on how our little patch of turfed garden had become something so much more!

Our vegetable patch had inspired us to get more wildlife to our garden and we began to plan a nature garden…we bought Orlaith and Emelie a rabbit each and the hutch looks great next to the raised bed! Poppy also likes to hop in and out when she comes out for a run, which is so cute!!!

We did get a shock however, when she delivered 4 babies last week


They haven’t yet left the nest, but you can just see a nose poking out!

We were equally thrilled, after a month’s supply of wild rocket, to pull these little beauties from our veggie patch! What was even better, was the proud look on Orlaith’s face as she clutched her carrots! She has been in charge of these: she planted them, watered them and helped pull them too!!!





…next year, we plan on our garden being bigger and better! Once the builders extend our garden, we are hoping for more raised beds, some little green houses and a garden shed!!! hopefully , this will be the last of the bunny babies though!!!

I’ve linked up with How Does Your Garden Grow, hosted by the lovely Mammasaurus why not share your lovely garden stories and pictures too? Link up using the badge below 🙂

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?

17 thoughts on “How Our Garden Grew!

  1. Awwww wuvely widdle wabbits! They only get cuter in the weeks to come. My friend’s rabbits have had some, but now they are making a lot more work for her. Lucky they are so cute, it’s a good compensation. Well done on the carrots!

  2. Oh the pride on her face – and rightly so! I bet they tasted amazing, that’s really something I should try with Kitty in an attempt to make her eat more veg – maybe if she grew them then she’d eat them!
    Aww baby bunnies!!! Super cute stuff, I’m feeling very broody with my youngest starting school this week so watch out for me in your garden smuggling bunnies into my bra!

    Thanks for sharing x

    ps. I won’t really steal your bunnies – honest!

    • Hehe they’re in the house now…so you’ll have to have a cunning plan to get in…like…break a window. (Not very cunning at all actually haha).

      They’re so cute! It’s their ears growing that’s so lovely!!! They’re starting to look like teeny rabbits now 🙂 will get more pics soon, when mummy bunny stops covering them with food bowls and things hehe xx

  3. Ooh look at her little face, what beautiful pictures. Growing your own is just so satisfying. I can’t wait to see baby bunny pictures when they leave the nest.

    • These were extremely thin! But went into a casserole with no chopping which I guess nutritionally can only be an advantage! I hope you’ll grow them again 🙂 xx

  4. i have wanted rabbits for so long but everyone always tells me not to get them 😦 little bunnies are the cutest tings. good job on the carrots! your little one is too sweet.

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