What About Me?

I blog so much about my girls. I blog about what they do…the things they achieve…the funny things…the illnesses…

What about me?

I blogged about leaving my job. I blogged about becoming a SAHM…about curing Emelie…

what about me?

What do you all know about who I am? about just me and not about me as a mother/wife/blogger/teacher…

what do you know about me?

I love to dance. I danced for 8 years at a dance school and was good. I won things – competitions, festivals, awards and exams. I like to read…like in a way where I can read half a novel in a day because I’m so engrossed in a story! I pick apart grammar and sentences; I find how people use language fascinating and often want to praise people on their language use…I’m often too afraid that I come across sarcastic or pig headed so usually, I smile to myself and leave it at that…

I’m awkward around people. I think too much about how I’m expected to act, how I’m expected to appear to different groups of people.

I detest being photographed. I make people delete photos of me if I don’t like them, if I have no make up on or if my hair isn’t right…I’m not superficial or vain; I have an incredibly low confidence about my image and appearance.

I am really into politics! I love to have an opinion on things and like to know about what’s going on. I have a real determination about fairness.

I like alternative music, vintage clothes, shabby chic furniture and accessories, animals, tea sets, the stories of old people and prefer savoury to sweet foods! My favourite colour is purple, yet I have no idea why!

I have size 8 feet…I don’t wear socks and if I wear slippers, I like to remove them right before I get into bed; it makes my feet feel comfy!

I love having a vase of fresh flowers in the house.

I really love cheese! Like, I can eat it by itself! Camembert’s my favourite. I am self conscious about eating in front of people I don’t know…I really over-think it!

I want a house with a log burner. I want to live in a village where everyone says hello.

I want to feel comfortable being me and the only me that people see should be that person…

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10 thoughts on “What About Me?

  1. Ahh thanks for sharing! These things can seem to be our little secrets. Funny, I read down your list and kept thinking ‘I do that… and that… and that’! lol.

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