Veggies and Nature!

So, this year we grew veggies for the first time! It’s now reached the stage where most are ready to dig up!


The carrots weren’t too successful; they were very thin and the rabbits got most of them! The squash never materialised and the broccoli was eaten by a huge colony of caterpillars…which we did enjoy Looking at as Orlaith had never seen one before!

Rocket was the big success and we had enough to share with family as well as eating it every weekend for the last month or so!

What really impressed me, was the wildlife the veggies brought to the garden! In particular, this little fella!


Gorgeous isn’t he?

This week also saw the arrival of a litter of kits from our rabbit, Poppy! Initially there were 4, but after the birth, 1 sadly didn’t make it. The other 3 are thriving, buried in the huge nest she has made and I will post photos as soon as they leave! Our other doe, Daisy, is also showing signs that she’s pregnant and has been moved indoors!


Our little garden has become quite the nature reserve! The girls are continuing to enjoy it!

I’ve linked up with How Does Your Garden Grow, hosted by the lovely Mammasaurus who has a cold at the min…link up your lovely gardens to help cheer her up by clicking the badge below 🙂

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?

18 thoughts on “Veggies and Nature!

  1. Are the joys of gardening! My partner and daughters have just started a garden on the nature strip for kids in the street and it is amazing how it is building connections between kids in the street (they’ve even started a little music group called the Pop Plants!) Hopefully it is going to interest them in fresh food and gardening. Good luck with yours.

    • Wow that sounds great! Our local area have a residents association and we are hoping to start something similar! The members have planted a beautiful garden near the entrance to the estate but they want the kids to get involved in making bird boxes and tables etc.

      It’s a great way to get them to eat veggies; growing her own has got our oldest really invested and I think it really helps.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      • That’s brilliant! I’ll post the link on the Facebook page if that’s ok? Hoping it brings the kids together and helps create a better community atmosphere. It’s a fairly new area still under development.

      • The association has applied for
        Funding so we need to put some ideas together on how the money will be spent. Its definitely an option to consider. It’s so unusual now to see communities working together. It’s a great shame! When neighbours walk by in the street without saying ‘hello’ something is terribly wrong.

  2. Growing your own veggies is just so satisfying isn’t it? I love the sparrowhawk sitting on the fence, he’s fantastic. I’m loving all those baby bunnies too, there really is so much fun to have right in your own garden.

  3. Wow there has been so much going on in your garden. The vegetables are looking great, I must organise myself so we can give it a try next year! Fabulous ‘bird’ too whatever it might be and fabulous news about the rabbits. Call me biased but I love that you have a Poppy 🙂

    • Hehe thank you (still undecided on the bird…may do some googling later!!!) It’s amazing to think of the life flourishing in our garden as well as in our home! We have designed a nature area that we are going to work on ready for the spring. We’ve got some outdoor greenhouses to put up to grow our own plants from seed so next year we will have some lovely things to share we hope 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by! Xx

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