What The Summer Brought

Well, well, well…Mammybear is BACK!!!

…I know, you’ve missed me right? You were wondering, “where is she? Has she been buried alive at the beach? Is she trying desperately to find a cure for more mystery childhood illnesses?…no…I’ve simply been without my iPad and without solid time slots to dedicate to my good ol’ blog!

So. Where have I been? What have I done? What did the summer bring?

Firstly, Emelie followed the success of her specialists appointment by crawling! It’s the thing you wish for for months and when it arrives, you simply want to chain them to the nearest heavy object to prevent injury or escape! Like a dog tied up outside a newsagent!

Then, Orlaith went accident free when she was potty trained in just 48 hours! She also had her first go on rides at the fair and is now ‘going it alone‘ on most age-appropriate rides…she did ask to go on the roller coaster but sadly she was too small *mammy breathes sigh of relief!*

As for Emelie, ‘mama’ can now be heard from her each time I leave a room! Amazing!

We’ve been on day trips, we’ve taken the girls on swings, fairground rides, trains, walks and picnics and today came back down to earth with a bump as Daddybear returned to work!

So I have some blogging planned for the next few evenings to share our summer highlights with you…photos galore of course!

Hope you’ll pop along for a peek!


12 thoughts on “What The Summer Brought

  1. Glad to you have you back! Sounds like you’ve had a fun-packed and very eventful summer – look forward to seeing the updates 🙂

    • 🙂 thank you! Just posted on my crawling baby and potty trained toddler…I now know how parents of two toddlers are permanently exhausted haha xx

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