#Whatsthestory: My First Post!

This is my first time linking up to #whatsthestory over at PODCast and I’ve decided to use my #silentsunday photograph! cheating or what?!

There is a reason though; I get so many views and comments, I always want to explain why I chose the photograph and the story behind it…so here we go!


These are 2 of the table centres for Emelie’s Baptism next Sunday. I decided, as I’m at home most of the time now and not at work anymore, that I wanted to avoid as much ‘buying ready-made‘ as possible and make the day personal for Emelie. It’s given me the chance to be creative and to spend time finding out more about the things I like too…

The shop in our local town was going to charge £65 for 5 bunches of 3 balloons, simply because the event was on a Sunday, so I thought of ways that money could be better spent. I then visited a charity shop and bought a variety of vintage birdcages and candle holders at £3 each. I loved filling them with pretty artificial flowers and now, Emelie can keep them as decorations in her room, rather than us bursting the balloons she would’ve had and throwing the remains in the bin!

I’ve also been practising cake-making and plan to make her cake from scratch, myself, for her.

When I took the photograph, I felt such a sense of achievement, like I’d really done something for just her rather than what society says I have to do…I don’t have to buy balloons, or buy a three tier cake with a little baby perched on top…this is a way better feeling than evaluating the success of her day by how much money we spent!

I take photographs every day, so this was a tough one to choose, you can find me over at Instagram, Mammybear84 🙂


2 thoughts on “#Whatsthestory: My First Post!

  1. It’s not cheating at all – I saw a few posts yesterday that definitely had a story behind them! I love these table centres, they’re just beautiful. Well done, you must have such a sense of achievement. Thank you for linking up with #whatsthestory

    • Ahh I feel better now 🙂 I always feel like I want to connect with those who have viewed the #silentsunday post and I guess this was a good way to let them in a bit more…

      It’s nice to be able to do things myself, I feel like I’m giving her all that I can for her special day, from me. It’s a nice feeling 🙂

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