Mammybear’s ‘Me’ Time

My best friend is amazing! She’s 4 years younger than me, but we each have 2 kids, around the same age give or take a few months and such similar personalities it really does frighten me. We met in June 2008, when she walked into my life and helped me run away from everything that had brought me down…she gave me an amazing amount of courage and support to leave my boyfriend at the time, who ironically, was her ex.

I was psychologically wired to hate her, but I couldn’t. I should’ve felt bitterness and jealousy, yet all I could feel was gratitude and admiration. We set out on a journey of McDonald’s coffees with little milks, amaretto and coke and Saturday night out shopping sprees. We put on each other’s fake tan, we shared perfume, we drank coffee and ate cake…we took photographs to keep our memories and over the last two days, we’ve made yet more fantastic memories together.

She’s marrying her partner next year, at Slaley Hall in Hexham, Northumberland, so she’s visiting regularly and this time, asked if I’d like to go along too. It would be the first time leaving both girls at home…

This is the place! Gorgeous isn’t it?

We started our break by sipping Mojitos on the terrace, then went to get ready for dinner. I had beet root and haricot bean salad with grilled goat’s cheese, followed by manchego glazed hake with a chorizo, pea and potato cake with spinach…it was gorgeous! The restaurant was fairly quiet other than our wine-induced giggles and chatter.


The following morning, it was time for the spa! We had breakfast and headed down for a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and a swim. By the time we left, we felt like different people! Leaving the girls had been hard, but it was necessary to get a break and re-charge!


Daddybear had some adventures back home too! It’s the longest he’s had the girls on his own and despite feeling the pace he loved looking after them…they had even been out and about together. I I Italy felt guilty for leaving my little family for 24 hours, but the hugs, kisses and ‘I love you’s’ were amazing on my return 🙂



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