Avoiding the Lego House Garden!

After watching all of the gorgeous gardens bloom over at Mammasaurus’ Blog, I decided it was time to rid my garden of its blank canvas and get designing!

Our house, and the surrounding area, is a Lego Brick construction (newbuild estate) and I always swore I’d never, ever move to one…my dream is to move to a house in the countryside with a huge plot of land to shape into a variety of hiding places, seating areas and growing areas too. Until then, I’m making the most of the space we have and getting the girls involved in growing our own’

It’s is what I want to avoid…the blank, turfed garden with sparsely scattered toys!

The idea came from Emelie, who as you all now know, suffers reactions to a variety of foods (for reasons yet unknown…her undiagnosed condition being the reason behind the blog).

So yesterday, good old daddy built the raised bed I bought for his birthday next week, filled it with compost and today, I commenced the digging to create a lovely gravel border! I’m making progress!


I’ve linked this post to ‘How Does Your Garden Grow’ over at Mammasaurus’ Blog. If you’d like to join in too, hit the button below! 🙂

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?

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