Our Eventful Weekend: A concoction of giggles and worries intertwined

So, Emelie hadn’t reacted to gluten, wheat or tomato on Saturday…all was looking up! I sent my oldest daughter, Orlaith, on a mini-mission delivering Father’s Day cards and gifts to daddy bear, who was at the sink washing up when I arrived downstairs on Father’s Day (bless him!)

We went to visit my dad and the girls had fun playing at Nana and Grandad’s house. We arrived home just before the lunchtime madness and I started preparing something to eat for us…Orlaith began to itch…

She has had a rash on both of her sides for around a week, which worried me at first, but when no other symptoms presented themselves, we made an appointment with the nurse for next week. Now however, the spots had spread and were obviously causing her discomfort.

After lunch, daddy bear took her down to the hospital while I supervised the sleeping baby bear (Emelie, who was in her bouncer, full from lunch with her arms loosely draped over her head). They arrived home 2 hours later, Orlaith sporting a paper hospital bracelet, which she was extremely proud of, and daddy looking rather smug…she had a heat rash the doctor had said.

Orlaith’s word for the day became ‘doctor’ but If you imagine someone of both Irish and perhaps Russian descent saying ‘doc-toorrrr’…then this pretty much sums up our entire afternoon.

After the worry, we all played in the garden, I say all, it was more like daddy bear and I while Orlaith and Emelie giggled and watched us with fascination as we attempted to play football…I’m not sure if we or they were giggling most. It took me back to when my husband and I first met, how we would be so care free and silly a lot of the time; now though, we seem only to get glimpses of those people, as they are frequently masked by work, bills, routines and the issues arising from being parents…

This time however, the giggles continued for much longer than usual…maybe we are really finally finding out feet within our little family.

Maybe it’s because Emelie is improving, maybe it’s because Orlaith was fine…

Maybe it’s because we are the strongest couple, made up of two best friends.



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