Father’s Day 2013: A Dedication to my Husband…wordy post!


Hand-made cards were the theme of this year and I can now reveal the trauma involved in creating hand-prints of a toddler and a 6 month old baby!

Aside from getting overly excited about the paint, Orlaith did remarkably well; understanding, at 2 years old, that when she had a hand full of paint, she had to sit very still to avoid ruining my (stupidly uncovered) Next table and matching leather chairs…Emelie on the other hand (aged 6 months) had no concept of sitting still and the task soon became a juggling act of farcical proportions!

Orlaith had gracefully placed her bright red hand on the front of Daddy’s card and looked at it proudly, while I set about applying paint to Emelie’s hand with a sponge.as babies tend to,more reflex reaction caused a scrunching motion in her hand which meant I was almost constantly re-applying, until eventually I bit the bullet, knowing this was probably my one and only chance to get both of their hand prints on the card…success! Now it was my turn to look proudly at our creation, but in the space of 4 seconds, things took a turn for the worse!

Orlaith had discovered an itch on her head that she had to scratch (with the painted hand, naturally!)…Emelie was now making little green ‘baby hulk’ hand prints all over her high chair, face, arms, legs, stomach…the list really was endless…and as for the card, it was thankfully out of reach and survived the ordeal!

My husband is a remarkable father, giving so much of himself (and everything he was!) to the girls and I…the card sits proudly next to his Clinton’s card purchased by me, but I honestly don’t think I’ll ever buy a card from the girls again…it doesn’t come from them, it comes from what I think I should do, based on what society does or thinks people should do. The girls put effort and personality into their card, just like he does into being a father to our children and a husband to me.

He has been my rock and my main form of support throughout both of their lives so far, but especially during the hard times we have had with Emelie. He has comforted me when things have gone wrong, celebrated with me when things have gone well and encouraged me when things have become difficult to cope with. I love him with all my heart and so do our girls…this was evident throughout the whole of Father’s Day (even during his trip to A&E! See next blog!).

So here’s to him! My wonderful husband and the best father I could ever ask for for my two girls…we love you! Xxx


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