At last!

I did it…walking around sainsbury’s for my usual ‘safe foods’ baby shop, I bit the bullet, walked into the dreaded baby food aisle and began reading labels…

Looking to the right, I found my 2 year old imitating me, picking up jars and pouches, looking at the label and mumbling gibberish…I was doing the same aside from protesting ‘nope, this has milk!’ Or ‘this contains carrot.’ Cow and Gate (who, as a result of my disgust will not remain nameless…I must vent this frustration before hubby comes down from putting Emelie to bed) are an utter disgrace to the vegetable world. They seriously put carrot in almost everything! Even things that don’t have carrot pictures on them can often contain up to 24%! A quarter of a jar of ‘chicken and squash’ contains CARROT! It does however contain around 5…yes 5% chicken! Is that not squash and carrot?

Anyhoo…I trundle down the jars and find our loyal friend Ella’s kitchen, whose pear Emelie didn’t react to before she reacted to my home made stewed pear. I trust them. But again I’m hard pressed to look beyond carrot until, YES, there it is…sweet corn, pumpkin and peas…all of which Emelie has been trialled on and passed! Into the basket!

Looking again to the right, Orlaith is now making an unsteady, leaning pile of cow and gate jars in the aisle…trusting Ella’s kitchen, I grab a lamb and bean stew before de-jengaing the jars and finding a checkout.

Emelie didn’t react to the food 🙂

No reflux, no watering eyes, no cramps, no back arching…I have a safe ‘quick’ or ’emergency’ food!

Sadly, the bean and lamb stew contained butter…I’m not sure what the need for this was in a stew, but it didn’t ruin my day as I’m so grateful for the success at lunchtime! Added to my safe foods list, for the first time, a baby food pouch: Ella’s kitchen Sweetcorn, pumpkin and peas! Amen!


(I tweeted them in appreciation and received a lovely reply too…always makes my day to know companies are supportive of families living with allergy and intolerances!)


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