My blender and I.

I never imagined that second time around I would find weaning as mentally exhausting! After a failed milk trial a few weeks ago, I was seriously worried about trying to introduce foods to Emelie, who was then drinking 8oz of ‘non-milk’ every 2 hours and to be honest, becoming rather large!

The health visitor advised to try one food exclusively for 4 days before introducing another and to note any reactions. I started with sweet potato…HIT! No reaction, thorough enjoyed it and took large portions of it. Next came carrot…oh dear! Reflux returned with a vengeance! The apple and pear pots by cow and gate resulted in exactly the same outcome too.

So far I had 1 ‘safe’ food and 3 ‘baddies’… I played it safe, adding broccoli to the ‘safe’ sweet potato and that was also a hit! Next came butternut squash and finally banana…all safe and sound with no reaction, other than the loud ‘mmm’ sounds with each mouthful…

Today, for dessert, was puréed mango, also a huge hit!

…and not a jar or pouch of baby food in sight 🙂

My blender and I have become very good friends! I feel such a sense of pride when I can zuzz up something that Emelie enjoys and I now happily spend an hour or two boiling, zuzzing, portioning and freezing! With that though, comes a feeling of personal accountability when Emelie reacts and it’s this feeling that I hate the most. It feels as though I have poisoned her…given her salmonella or something similar, but deep down I know that isn’t the case.

Emelie has been sleeping through for a week now and has dropped two of her fake milk bottles. Everything with her always seemed like such a battle, but things have finally fallen into place.

For those in a similar position, it will get better, but don’t trust a manufacturer to make your baby better…get a blender 😉



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