At last, I can feel that proud, accomplished feeling that comes with being not only a parent, but more specifically, a mam. Emelie has been slowly improving over the past weeks, despite a set back after her first round of jabs. She is a happy, loving, fun-loving little girl who does nothing but smile whenever her eyes are open and over the last few days we have even heard her laugh.

She’s able to have more play time and has merged her catnaps into longer sleeps, waking only once in the night for a feed around 1am. For this reason, paired with the fact that at only 12 weeks she is too long for her Moses basket, we put her in her cot in her own room this week – she has often thrashed in her sleep, but our motto was, if she isn’t crying, don’t disturb her…it paid off!

Last night our little girl slept from 7pm til 6am in her own bed!!!

Our eldest daughter has benefitted too, as she’s had a much happier baby to play with during the day and as the week has gone on I’ve seen a different dimension to their relationship. Orlaith will take her toys to her…she will look for her if she leaves the room…she will come to get me in the kitchen if Emelie starts to wake from a nap – it really is adorable to watch!

I am proud, not only of my little girl, but of the four of us as a family. My husband is the most supportive person I could ever wish to have in my life and has worked with me to support me in challenging doctors about Emelie’s condition, rubbed my feet when he has sensed I’m stressed or upset, made numerous cups of tea when the others have gone cold…and most importantly, he has let me know that it’s ok to feel the way I have felt about the difficult 3 months that marked the start of my baby’s life.

Paul is an amazing father and an equally amazing husband and the last 3 months would have driven me insane had he not been at my side. I am proud that we have tackled the issues with Emelie’s health as a team, not letting it become a hindrance to trek around for her prescriptions, spend an hour getting her down to sleep at night or be scratched to shreds by baby nails as you try desperately to find the cause of the latest crying bout…

I’m proud of the strength of our relationship, of the strength of our little family and mostly, proud to be the mother of two truly amazing little girls. Their smiles and laughter will touch the hearts and memories of many in their lifetimes…

I love my little family xxx




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