He clearly loves us!

Diddy’s escape to the alleyway of number 30 left us fairly sure that he wouldn’t be returning home, but this morning at 7:15am there was a knock at the door.

The man from number 30 had found Diddy in a garage next door to him, but when trying to catch him, scared him under the back fence; it was the one place I didn’t want Diddy to run to!
When searching for him on Tuesday evening, we went into the gardens of some of the houses that hadn’t been purchased yet and under their fences were fairly large dips into rubble and mud which had been swept aside when the houses were built…he wouldn’t survive the fall.

At least we know he doesn’t want to leave us.

Poor Diddy 😦

P.s. I have been searching for a replacement; it plagues me with guilt each time there is a sighting of him!


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