Our Donkey Adventures…

Having two children under the age of two many only one thing when I was pregnant – searching for an elaborately priced double buggy!

I knew I didn’t want one of my girls to look like shopping, so I went for a side by side model…some ‘one behind the other’ models make it look as if your first child has been abandoned; relegated to simply stare at the back of their superior sibling’s chair as they enjoy the smiles and cooing of old ladies we meet on our walks. It was then that a wonderful friend pointed me in the direction of a Bugaboo Donkey…

That was it, love at first glance! I begged the hubby to ‘just try’ one at mother are and we were instantly captivated by the smooth flow of the tyres (yes…tyres!) across the floor! I was immediately captivated by the shopping basket that replaced a ‘missing’ sibling when I had the opportunity to leave one with Nana 😉

I needed to blog about my dear friend ‘bugabuggy’ as orlaith calls it…it has made the first 8 weeks of parenting 2 girls a complete joy! I can get both to sleep, bring one indoors and make the adjustments to transform the buggy into a ‘mono’, meaning it slides neatly into my hallway where the eldest sleeps while I enjoy my one coffee per day!

A note to bus companies however…make your aisles more accessible to us ‘doubles!…nobody takes the leaflets from the leaflet holders anyway!



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