The symptoms we encountered…

During the first weeks of her life, Emelie displayed many symptoms…I’ve broken them down into categories in order of perceived severity (by others, not me)

    The Behaviour of a ‘Normal’ Baby

-excessive crying (like when she wasn’t asleep or feeding, she cried)
-wind (would burp 7 times during 4oz of milk but still burp 3 hours on)
-rash on her head and neck…it’s baby acne of course, any spot that isn’t a sign of a killer disease!
-yellow poo, changing from paste to water…apparently it’s due to her immaturity.
-frequent hiccups
-Congestion (common in winter babies due to heating systems)
-sneezing … It’s helpful…to clear her airways!

But these were not the behaviours of any other child (I refuse to use the word ‘normal‘ as I cannot abide it!) the ‘C’ word was mentioned over and over again. It was even mentioned by a doctor who claimed that her symptoms were my own fault for not breast feeding! I was simply told that no two babies were alike and that I must have a one that cries…but there were more alarming symptoms to add…

    There Was More…

-The inability to fall asleep with a bottle (I assumed all babies did!)
-The inability to sleep during the day
-Pooing once a day but having to have 4-5 nappies shoved under her to catch it all as it fired at us!
-screaming with pains an hour to 90 minutes after each feed
-gulping at something in her throat that made her scream
-arching her back and stiffening up after a bottle
-thrashing and scratching
-constantly sucking a dummy, her hands or her t-shirt

these became the symptoms that tipped the doctor towards writing the prescription and outlining 2 possible conditions (one causing symptoms of another or 1 existing on its own)

We also had day 4 to tell them about. We had phoned an ambulance as after a 4 hour sleep, she took an ounce of milk and became completely unresponsive…to the point we couldn’t wake her. I had thought she was dying…20 mins into a call directing the ambulance to our address she began to twitch in a way that indicated the start of a seizure. When paramedics arrived with their cold hands and she flinched, I was told she was in a deep sleep and the twitches were dreaming. I’m yet to research if newborns dream at all!!!

The purpose of this post – trust your instincts as a parent. Persist. Research (sensibly of course). Look at your baby and what they are telling you through their eye contact…

And most importantly – never listen to a ‘know-it-all’


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