“You never get 2 the same”, they said…

Emelie was much like her big sister was when we brought her home. She fed…she burped…the slept…she pooed. But as the days went on, the idea in my head of being a stay at home mum of 2 who ironed, cleaned and cooked while they napped slowly faded away day by day…

My husband returned to work 7 days after Emelie’s birth and I remember fondly sending him a text saying ‘they’re both asleep at the same time and i am getting on with all the jobs – this routine lark is easy!’…how wrong I would turn out to be! Emelie began staying awake for longer periods than I remember my first doing (it’s only natural to compare!) she would ten become severely over tired and fight her sleep, snuggling francislly into my arm to shelter herself from cbeebies which now fills our living room from 6am! It’s never easy to get a baby to sleep when they’re over tired but adding a 20 month old just makes things that much more unbearable!

Then came wind! Now in that department, they were exactly the same! Orlaith was so bad with wind we counted the days til she was one month to give her gripe water and Emelie was no different. Out of desperation though we tried dentinox for trapped wind which did nothing followed by infacol, which simply provided a pre-feed orange flavoured snack that made everyone within a metre of emelie sticky!!! I called on the midwife and health visitor for advice and changed her milk. £7.99.

Then we tried teats – from tommee tippee to sainsburys to NUK…we had done this with our first…they were the same after all…only this time, everything we changed with emelie only worked for 24-48 hours and back we would go to the ‘awake days’ and screaming…

We had bought comfort milk for orlaith and never opened it, but knew it was our only option with Emelie and so we changed milk again!!!

I had an awful feeling that although some things about my girls were very similar, that Emelie was going to be a much more challenging experience…and I was right! 


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