Bringing home baby 2…difficult???

We arrived home after picking up my mam, who hadn’t yet met my daughter as it had all happened so quickly…it immediately became normal to organise the girls’ bedtime things at 2pm in order to be organised! Then off my hubby went to collect the big sister from nursery…

she arrived apprehensive but was soon stood protectively over her new sister occasionally kissing her forehead – i will never forget how they looked at each other…they still share the same look 8 weeks on! 

As the days went on, my eldest became overly involved in emelie’s bath time, dunking in cotton wool and washing ems, herself and any dolls in close proximity. We found involving her to be beneficial as we didn’t have to keep an eye on a squirming newborn and the other on a toddler with free run of the living room!

She eventually got used to the crying. Eventually ems didn’t disturb her sleep and overall it has been nowhere near as daunting as some made out it would be…but this changed once reflux moved into our house and slowly took hold of all the control and composure I thought I had.




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